back · to · ba · sics

1. A good and generally correct manner of existing.

2. Revisiting the most fundamental held values, more specifically honesty with oneself, and with others.
1. Sharon is fake as hell, she's definitely not bringing it back to basics.

2. That bitch was so fucking rude, so I'm gonna bring it back to basics and let her know I'm not dealing with her shit
by ass moe January 5, 2021
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1) A return to previously held values of decency.

2) If you talk about getting back to basics, you are suggesting that people have become too concerned with complicated details or new theories, and that they should concentrate on simple, important ideas or activities.

3) brass tacks (informal) core, essentials, facts, fundamentals, hard facts, necessaries, nitty-gritty (informal) nuts and bolts (informal) practicalities, principles, rudiments
After knee surgery Lisa had a long road BACK TO BASICS, her recovery and healing not only her injury but her state of mind. She's finally herself again.
by D. all of the above June 12, 2011
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Album in which Christina Aguilera overextends herself.
Mike: Hey Bob.
Bob: What? I can't hear you. I just listened to Back to Basics.
by mikeandbob August 16, 2006
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