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(n) This is basically someone who listens to a lot of dark punk, deathrock, and oldschool Goth. They go to Goth clubs with high expectations, but get quickly alienated by all the "thump-thump-thump"-ing techno music and fat chicks who listen to Korn, Hawthorne Heights, etc. They don't fit in visually with Goths or deathrockers, as they usually haven't spent much time on their appearance, though they still don't seem entirely out of place. Visually, they're very back to basics in an almost anti-image way that connotes Goth and punk vaguely without seeming to be either. (An example: A guy with "normal people" hair wearing a horror movie shirt or a homemade shirt with Marks-A-lot on it. Might have a torn overshirt with a couple lapel pins. Also wearing blue jeans or black slacks and sneakers. Non-descript, but not out of place.) An antigoth is the noticed (even ridiculed) yet strangely unnoticed antihero of the Goth scene. Even deathrockers are overdressed compared to this truly alienated non-conformist individual who came to have a good time and just ended up bored like everywhere else. If making music, the antigoth is most likely the perpetrator of angry, lo- or no-fi, minimalist, noisy Goth-punk-weirdness. Yes, this was written by a disgruntled antigoth.
An antigoth gets the joke even as the joke is laughing at him/her.
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Someone who does not support or reccomend the goth/gothic way of life i.e. someone who hates goths idealy preps
Joe was anti-goth because he was sick of them bitching about their "crappy" lives all of the time.
by SEAN2 July 26, 2005
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