Father's Day is today! Make sure you spend time with your father, and make sure to make him feel loved and appreciated. If you've lost your father, then recite good memories you've shared with him. If you've never met your father, then celebrate it with a father you know, or with a grandfather! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Person 1: "Father's day is great!"
Person 2: "I can agree!"
by Wilted Roses June 16, 2019
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a second, peculiar type of Mother's Day for all of the single mothers who also have to be fathers to their children.
Mama said that Mother's Day is a celebration of her natural maternal instincts as a single parent and Father's Day represents the more masculine, paternal qualities she's had to learn since she's had to raise us on her own.
by Virgin Suicides June 26, 2017
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Father's Day: the third Sunday in June appointed for the honoring of middle management. Also known as the one day a year middle management gets to "call the ball". A way to platitudinaly appease someone who's really needy
Richard's bust out brother has a really bad business idea that he wants to present to my boss , so I'll give him a gratatudinal "Father's Day meeting"
by Seddy Mazel September 17, 2017
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A day made up by card companies to sell more cards in June.
Boss: Right Card sales are low in June we need a new holiday to sell cards... We've already got Mother's Day so lets jump on the equality band wagon and make FATHER'S DAY!!!
echo chamber:Excellent idea sir.
by Jimmy the Pyromaniac April 11, 2009
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A day to celebrate all the men around the world that presumed the role of a father in a child's life. Often overlooked and made about single mothers
by DefinitionFixer June 22, 2020
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A day to recognize your husband or father screaming at their kids every sports game, eating all the snacks in the pantry, staying in the office all day, and snoring(shaking the whole house).
Woops, tomorrow is Father's day. Looks like I'll just get him a grill or a basketball or some manly spices.
by Yeet2005 June 15, 2018
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Not A Father's Day is a holiday dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of an often forgotten segment of our country's population: the not fathers. These brave men have chosen to remain childless, despite an avalanche of pressure, expectations, and condemnation, propagated by the Saturday morning cartoon loving elite, the Minivan Clan, and Maury Povich.
Guy #1: Happy "Not A Father's Day", the only thing I'll be nursing at any given 2 AM, is a Scotch!

Guy #2: Amen to that!
by arcadiageorge June 16, 2014
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