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A word meaning "really", "exceedingly", "very", or "a lot of". A West Coast equivalent of "wicked", and often used as a replacement for "hella".
1) Wow, you were grippa drunk last night, dude.
2) It's grippa rainy out right now.
3) Um...my neighbor's grippa sketch.
4) Holy hell! Don't go out there! There's grippa ninja running around!
by Vladimir McCools October 27, 2007
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adj. - Something stupefying, generally used in a positive fashion. Used to denote a level of something so enormous, it's ridiculous almost to the point of being stupid.

Also used as an adv., it is less ubiquitously positive when found in this form.
You check that cat on the sax? He's so good it's stupidacious!

That ninja is stupidaciously mysterious...
by Vladimir McCools March 3, 2010
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A combination of the words "douche" and "superb," this hybrid is to be used when calling someone a douche just doesn't quite cut it. To be used for the superbly douchey.
"Did you just scare that small child into an epileptic fit? That's a doucheurb move, dude..."

"You're more than a douche...you're doucheurb."
by Vladimir McCools May 24, 2009
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Definitionist: One who makes definitions. This includes any and all of the wonderful people who've ever added a definition to Urban Dictionary. These people take delight in redefining the liquid, shifting creation that is the English language, either by reworking antiquated words and giving them dynamic new meanings, or else creating entirely new words. It's definitionists we have to thank for such excellent words as: Cool, Posse, Grippa, and basically anything with gratuitous "th"s, "q"s or "y"s, such as "quoth", "thy", "thou", "quip", "hast", and "thine".
Casual Reader: Dang, some of those definitionists really need to find something else to do...

Intelligent Person: Are you kidding? It's definitionists that we have to thank for no longer using the language of the 18th century! I don't know about you, but I don't think that talking like I'm in a Shakespeare play is very cool.

Casual Reader: Wow, you're right! You know what? I'm going to become a definitionist today!
by Vladimir McCools November 7, 2007
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The stereotypical temper of the Irish, and those of Irish descent. Most often somewhat unexpected, extremely passionate, and very short-lived.
Patrick O'MacPatrick: Hey, I'm sorry I flipped out at you dude.
Joe Smith: What?! You were screaming at me just five minutes ago!
Patrick: I told you I was sorry!
Joe: You threw the TV at me!
Patrick: It's just my Irish temper, you know?
Joe: *grumbles*
by Vladimir McCools April 18, 2008
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A land of shifting mists, Ohio is the most mysterious state in America. There are some who claim that it does not exist at all, but is merely a hoax perpetrated by a strong core of dedicated jokesters in the "neighboring" states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia (we're pretty sure no one tells Kentucky anything).

Most people believe, however, that Ohio DOES in fact exists, and that its mystery is due solely to the mysterious mists that seem to enshroud the entirety of the state in...well...mystery, deterring all but the most stalwart of travelers. Constituents to this belief also hold that Ohio is, in fact, the last home of the dinosaurs, and that Ohioan economy is based almost solely on quarrying and agricultural works using highly-trained dinosaurs as the primary (and literal) beasts of burden.
Someone from Michigan: Ha! Those suckers on the East Coast actually think Ohio exists!

Someone from Pennsylvania: Actually, it does...it's just mysterious, you didn't even realize it was there. You know, what with all the enigmatically swirling mists and all...

Someone from Indiana: Really?!

Someone from West Virginia: Oh yeah, definately. A dinosaur from Ohio ate my sister, actually.

Someone from Kentucky: Oh, hey guys! What's going on?

The Other Four People: Oh...nothing...You know...

Someone from Kentucky: Cool! You want to hang out?

The Other Four People: *evasive mumbles*
by Vladimir McCools October 8, 2007
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A weapon used during WWI to stab peoples in the brains. Also, an exceedingly good anti-zombie invasion weapon.
!) Zhe Germans are coming. Do you have your trench spike?

2) Zhe Zombies are coming. Do you have your trench spike?
by Vladimir McCools October 6, 2007
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