16 definitions by Vin

an AOL bot that is always advertising "free" porn.
SexyLexy69: Cum to my website. It's got FREE pr0n!me: screw off!
by Vin July 21, 2004
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the original grambo, aka neil grahm from which all sub grambos were spawned
holy shit, did you see that grambo? he looks almost like the real grambo
by Vin June 15, 2003
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Silly TV show about three sisters who happen to be witches.
Charmed makes fun of a religion called wicca.
by Vin December 18, 2004
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beef: (noun)
1. Meat that is made from cows.
2. Slang term for penis.
You gonna eat that beef mofo?
by Vin July 25, 2004
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expression of dissapproval.
B. Gates: This is the all-great Windows XP.

Me: boo!
by Vin July 22, 2004
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An alternative term for an erect penis.

To place ones penis in ones vagina

Meat=Slang for penis
Shank=Object used for stabbing
Look at the size of my meat shank!

I'm goin to meat shank that bitch.
by Vin June 01, 2004
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