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Office workers from other floors who migrate to the restroom on your floor in order to defecate. Sharecrappers occupy all the stalls, consume all the toilet paper, trash the sink areas and leave behind an inhuman, toxic odor. They typically show up in the mornings and after lunch, the usual busy times when you need to crunch. Sharecrappers are skittish, they avoid eye-contact and can be run off with just a stern glance due to their inherent lack of comfort with any type of human interaction.
"Man, the hipster in the man-bun from the twelfth floor is the worst sharecrapper ever! He uses a whole roll of TP , he never flushes and leaves a stink like you wouldn't believe!"

"Next time just start randomly talking to him, that'll keep him from coming back."
by Vesper47 March 29, 2017
The epitome of death. A profound state of deadness, where death is thorough and is firmly established.

To ascertain death at the top-most level, surpassing even a Kennedy's seemingly effortless ability to achieve it.

Exponentially Dead.
Deader than fried chicken.
Pretty freaking dead.
Can pertain to a person literally or figuratively to their career, chance of success, etc.; or to a place where no one goes; or to a thought or idea with no chance of acceptance.
"This place is Deader than a Kennedy"
"Probably because it's a shopping mall."

"Do you think Gruden will ever coach again?"
"No, he's Deader than a Kennedy to the NFL!"
by Vesper47 February 18, 2022
Definition: 1) Please excuse us; 2) Can we have a little privacy here?; 3) scram; 4) get lost.

Said when you want to speak with only certain people in the room. Could also mean you want them to just get out of your sight. Can be accompanied by an arm gesture with thumb pointing the way you want them to go.

Line uttered by Sonny Corleone to his sister Connie and her new friend (and soon to be dead husband) Carlo when they wanted to discuss family business on the morning of 'Pops' birthday in the Godfather Part II.
by Vesper47 February 4, 2020
Pronounced Karen Subaru-Forester.

Female office worker-type annoyance that can typically be found blocking the left lane in front of you going the exact speed limit driving any one of the number of small SUVs built for just for her ilk.

Visor down permanently despite position or existence of sun.

• Rearview mirror positioned for makeup application.
• Cellphone stuck on dash with visible big red GPS arrow pointing up all the time.
License plate frame from local 'Karen-Car SuperStore' dealer.
• Tiny head so vehicles appears driverless.
• Very white.
• Sometimes woke.
• Drives extra cautiously if it's wet, dark or cold.
• Listens to 'lifestyle' podcasts.
• Uses a 'calming' app multiple times daily.
• Assuages self-worth issues via social-media and pets.
• Still has cable.

Most important things in life are (in order) family, food, phone, friends and TV.

Believes she's extra special because her friends call her 'Kare'.
Annoyed Commuter approaching from the rear:

'And here we have the next Karen Sue Barue-Forester firmly entrenched in her camping spot in the left lane!'

'Move OVER Kare...nom nom your Dunkin' Wake-Up Wrap in the other LANE!'
'Wait is anyone even driving that thing?!?'
'just. fuckin. move. lady.'
by Vesper47 January 8, 2021
1) Richard Earl "Dick" Shiner is a former professional American football quarterback who played in eleven National Football League seasons from 1964-1974 for six different teams.
2) an astute masturbator
Dick Shiner isn't just Howie's favorite QB of all time. It's the nickname he earned at summer camp for all the penis polishing he did in his bunk.
by Vesper47 March 17, 2017
Actor Michael Caine saying his name in his own voice.

Anyone with a British accent saying Michael Caine's name.
"You're bloody right I'm My Cocaine!"

"I watched an old movie on the telly last night, it was "Alfie" starring My Cocaine.
by Vesper47 March 19, 2014
A female who never stops talking, or says in a hundred words what can be said in ten.

This could be a friend, co-worker, partner, etc., who incorrectly thinks the more she says, the smarter she sounds.

She has no receptors to see how boring, offensive, rude, stupid, uninformed she really is.
Most-evident during presentation and conference calls.

Origin: Gabriella (meaning 'gabby' or talkative) Verbose (meaning the same thing, as in redundant).

Male version of Bob Loblaw.
Didn't know that 'Gabriella Verbose' was heading up today's meeting. We should have blocked out an hour instead of 15 minutes.

Sat next to Gabriella Verbose on a plane last week. After an hour of incessant diatribes about her kids, pets, job and crossfit, I tried to puncture my eardrums by folding one of my business cards into a spike.
by Vesper47 June 3, 2019