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Office workers from other floors who migrate to the restroom on your floor in order to defecate. Sharecrappers occupy all the stalls, consume all the toilet paper, trash the sink areas and leave behind an inhuman, toxic odor. They typically show up in the mornings and after lunch, the usual busy times when you need to crunch. Sharecrappers are skittish, they avoid eye-contact and can be run off with just a stern glance due to their inherent lack of comfort with any type of human interaction.
"Man, the hipster in the man-bun from the twelfth floor is the worst sharecrapper ever! He uses a whole roll of TP , he never flushes and leaves a stink like you wouldn't believe!"

"Next time just start randomly talking to him, that'll keep him from coming back."
by Vesper47 March 29, 2017
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