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1. to pull (to inhale) from a weed (mirijuana) joint and exhale a lot of smoke

2. (Blaze) To pull a burning-out joint 3 times without exhaling, thus causing the end of the joint to start lighting up rapidly and then to exhale and repeat process until the joint is well lit
1. Yo guy, wanna go blaze some shit down in the alley?

2. Blaze that joint 'fore it goes out
by Vanilla October 12, 2003

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A cuter more childish way of saying uhoh. Can be said to oneself or to someone else. And usually after getting into trouble or when something has gone wrong.
Also a more mellow way of saying oh noes and inspired by Scooby Doo.
Guy: WTF? who drank all my beers!?
Drunk friends after taking the last sip of beer look sheepishly at one another and one says: rutroh!
by Vanilla April 26, 2005

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A place where gay guys go to have sex. milkshake
I went to the downlow yesterday.
by Vanilla May 27, 2004

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A website where you search for poo. Poogle Search. Rim Job Pink Sock

I went to poogle to search for poo.
by Vanilla May 30, 2004

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When you go to CVS and make out with someone while old people watch in disgust at your excessive amount of PDA
"Dude, i went to CVS and saw that girl shaking hands with everyone!"
by Vanilla September 15, 2004

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I wen't to www.cav1.com yester day know what cav stands for? Chocolate and Vanilla.
by Vanilla May 30, 2004

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CODE RED is used when something goes horribly wrong with a boy.... it is often continued by a very amusing story.
"CODE RED CODE RED" (thats all you need to say)
by Vanilla July 16, 2004

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