Popinjay = a person who loves to talk - often about themselves - in a vain, conceited & egostical manner.
Most politicans are popinjays - as the tend to talk endlessly, usually about themselves, about their proported accomplishments - usually in a vain conceited context.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006
A vain and talkative person who chatters like a parrot.
"A drink-sodden ex-Trotskyist popinjay and a useful idiot!" - George Galloway, British MP.
by Ian Chode June 9, 2005
senseless fucker tryin to diss ya out
Gimme a break popinjay!
by vanilla October 14, 2004
A popinjay is defined as a person who talks to much. Like one who refuses to shut up about hurricanes or RAM.
"Omg, he would not shutup about his new ram!" She said popinjayingly.
by kyleisnotapopinjay June 10, 2012