When you're on fire, you're too lit to be true.
Man's not hot, man's blazing - Defano Holwijn
by Baefano November 6, 2017
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1. to pull (to inhale) from a weed (mirijuana) joint and exhale a lot of smoke

2. (Blaze) To pull a burning-out joint 3 times without exhaling, thus causing the end of the joint to start lighting up rapidly and then to exhale and repeat process until the joint is well lit
1. Yo guy, wanna go blaze some shit down in the alley?

2. Blaze that joint 'fore it goes out
by Vanilla October 13, 2003
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when people are smoki weed
yo dawg (hommie g ) do you want to blaze tonight wit some other home dawgs
by mike hunt June 23, 2003
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"Dude I did so much weed last night!"
"Yeah we were blazing"
by Skidoo53 March 16, 2015
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Similar to Avalanching. Blazing is where you speed in a Chevy Blazer while listening to the song Danger Zone. It's an intense and some what illegal activity. Usually done by extreme try hards or adrenaline junkies.
Hey did u hear Liese got pulled over for Blazing?
by Titanall October 18, 2011
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Shooting with bulk arrogance outside the box in Fifa well knowing the chance of success is slim
Shooting from at least 30 yrds out with more than 4 defenders in front of you, and casillas in goals, that is Blazing
by worduppp December 1, 2011
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