When awesome and fantastic had hot sex, they created awesometastic.

((Via Prabha's world))
That guy over there is so awesometastic! He makes me happy in my panties.
by Rawr-i-fic Ray August 18, 2006
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a word describing sumthin thats both awesome and fantastic, so that it enables one to have a more exciting and magical feel.
"the partey tonite is gna b sooo awesometastic, can't wait!!"
by shhhr.. March 30, 2009
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A less than subtle sarcastic combination of the words "awesome" & "fantastic", used mainly as a reaction to a situation, occurance, or thing that is by no means awesome or fantastic.
Boss: Remember that project that's due next week?

Employee: Yes sir...?

Boss: Well we need you to have it complete by noon tomorrow.

Employee: Awesometastic...
by ThePonz January 25, 2011
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a mix of awesome and fantastic. used when congratulating someone or being sarcastic.
Jain: I got starbucks!
Nat: That’s awesometastic!!!!!!
by bob205 September 8, 2020
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Term pioneered by April L to describe something at a level of awesomeness and fastasticosity previously indescribable
"Derek Price's rock n' roll skillz are awesometastic!"
by derekstellar February 7, 2005
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