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Someone who does everything sexual to a guy.
Winnie is a chicken head.
by UNKNOWN June 07, 2003
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your moms boobs
nice butt tooth
by unknown January 01, 2003
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Judge, jury, and executioner, Daedric is the Sheriff. Once a mere Deputy Sheriff, Daedric enforced the law vigorously until his superior left, leaving him as the lone Sheriff.

While Daedric has rarely been seen, his image has been represented in various ways, such as a cloaked, grim reaper-like figure with a large reaper, blazing red eyes, and a nickel-slick sheriff badge.

Using nearly superhuman cunning, intelligence, and dedication, Sheriff Daedric has laid down the law and arrested many bandits, even executing numerous outlaws such as one that referred to himself as "Jin the legend". Recently, a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler, Randy Orton, gave himself a nickname to tribute the ultimate Legend-Killer, Daedric.

While Daedric's county seems to be unknown at the moment, links to him can be found when searching for the one named Anubis.
You better watch out, the Sheriff's on guard.

Daedric just annihilated Jin.

Be careful, Daedric may be watching.
by Unknown October 25, 2004
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a shaven hair cut
i think guys with crew cuts look gay
by unknown September 06, 2003
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Vodka and cran-berry juice
Ive been sippin on kool aid all day, and I be crunk.
by unknown April 20, 2005
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a girl with her heads in the clouds, who is still in love with james
caz wake up!!!!
by unknown May 14, 2004
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congradulate, form of praise to oneself or to another
Big up on winning that award
by UNKNOWN October 17, 2003
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