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1. When speaking loudly, to a shout, just to get a strangers attention.

2. When speaking loudly in a close or sound sensitive setting. ( vehicle, house, comedy club, etc.. )

barkingĀ² - (at a funeral ) HEY WHO WAS THIS BASTARD ANYWAYS?

synonyms: shouting, yelling, screaming
by UnknowableOne June 20, 2016

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1. A sleep without dreams.

2. A state of heavy sleeping despite the loud environment.
guy1: Hey man, you alright. I saw a guy chokeslam another guy on you while you were asleep at the party.
guy2: Oh that happened? I must of had been "dead sleep".
by UnknowableOne June 19, 2016

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(Medical condition)
Often found in fast talkers. When a fast talker doesn't finish a sentence, they will physically explode.
Ben Shapiro talks fast to avoid Grammatical-Detonation.
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by UnknowableOne August 18, 2017

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1. To have the urge to poop in a inappropriate time, yet you do everything to keep yourself from pooing.
Guy1: Nice racing man, how did you run so fast?
Guy2: Because before the race I was flirting with poo, I had to go badly.
by UnknowableOne May 25, 2016

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1. When your feces have undigested corn in it.
I asked her if she was wearing panties, she said no. I then asked her What she was doing and she said corn kayaking.... Sexy!

synonyms: poop. shit,crap,dookie
relative words: corn, kayaking,kayak
by UnknowableOne June 21, 2016

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1. When a person over cleans things.
Maggie has being cleaning the house for five hours now, what a Gilson she's being.
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by UnknowableOne June 21, 2016

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Verb: (used in a past tense setting)
When a argument raises to a point where the topic is forgotten and both parties begin to bark out deep personal wounds of the other.
guy1: It's not my fault your whore of a wife decided to reveal her penis to you on the honeymoon.

guy2: Oh you can remember that but can't recall being force to sleep with your mother because they were going to kill your baby sister. Happy mothers day, hope you got her flowers.

girl what happened between guy1 and guy2?
They were making kool-aid and somebody forgot to buy sugar, next thing I know, they were voiceboxing.
ooh girl tell me about it!

synonyms: arguement, fuss
by UnknowableOne June 20, 2016

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