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To devastate your opponent by grabbing the throat and lifting the person off the ground and forcing him into the ground with unforgiving force. Widely used in all wrestling federations around the world. Widely used as a threat or inside joke with wrestling fans.
You didnt take the trash out, now I have to chokeslam your ass.

Oh my god!!! he just got a chokeslam through a kitchen sink!

"Hey, check out that chokeslam over there."(in reference to a beautiful girl)
by Marc Oxenreider May 25, 2006
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A wrestling move in which you grab a person's neck, lift him up, and slam him on the mat. Often used by the Undertaker and Kane.
Kane finished off Matt Hardy with a choke slam.
by SMD May 29, 2004
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Any number of moves, be it wrestling or martial arts, that involve forcibly striking someone at the throat with an open grip, so as to physically move them. Done with the intent to force the person back or off balance, or followed through to slam them into a wall/ground and possibly then pin them against it.
Performed whilst standing infront of the opponent.

Tends to leave more psychological then physical marks. In layman turns, it scares them senseless.

Not to be confused with a choke tackle, which is done from behind the opponent, and involves making a choke hold.
"Old mate was being a fuckwit to Kearney, so he choke slammed him into the wall"
"The guy gave me whack in the face, so I choke slammed him back to and waited to see if he'd be stupid enough to try it again"
"If he arcs up, give him a good old choke slam to bring him back to reality"
by BloodMagus November 10, 2004
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Grabbing a person around the neck, lifting them up and shoving them backfirst into a wall.
Holy shit, he got chokeslammed so hard he was in the hospital!
by huzzah October 24, 2003
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When one man forcibly puts his penis down another mans throat, normally in a wrestling position.
I saw tyler chokeslamming wilbur in the bathroom
by n+66 February 22, 2014
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To grab who you hate's neck, put their arm over the arm you are using pick up and slam. I did it to kid who was annoying me on concrete, he split his head open and had stitches.
Damn. I chokeslammed that paki yesterday because he is gay.
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