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A bad adware/spyware scanner that started out great years ago as "Ad-Aware SE PERSONAL" and slowly went bad to Ad-Aware 2007 and 2008. Decent detection of spyware but consumes too much memory and resources. Bad customer service, bad GUI, and extremely large for what it does. Secretly has a process running in the background and acts more like spyware than removing spyware. Takes forever to scan and doesn't usually finsish, instead it freezes and you'd have to start over.
I used Ad-Aware SE and it was awesome. Now, I use something else because I can't stand it.
by Underwater Ruins July 10, 2008

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A really fun game back in around 1999-2004 and was favored my people of all ages until it broke away no long ago. Here are a few reasons why it sucks now:

1. Overadvertising. Ads everywhere. One big one on the bottom, one big one on the top, one on the side, and NOW they even have one in their flash game popups!

2. Lies. They freeze your account, and when you ask for it back, they go "Sorry we cannot retrieve it because its been inactive for too long" (that was the excuse they gave me)

3. They are greedy. First it was the Neopets merchandise, didn't work out. Then it was Neopets premium, didn't work out. Then they made sidebars and avatars, didn't work out so they basically retired sidebars and all avatars since none even come out anymore. NOW they have NC Cash Shop and Mall so you can dress your Neopets in clothes. Everything new requires real money. If you don't have real money, they will spare you a free 150 NC to spent on a piece of crap. Too many hassles, advertisement links and ads!!!!

4. Annoying. First it was the game. They keep renaming games from "Whack A Kass" to "Kass Basher", "Whack a Staff Member" to "TNT Staff Smasher" and the "Scratchcard Kiosk" to "Ice SC Kiosk" They even change the old games they were fun. Now their new games take forever to load on dialup (so you better have some good internet) Has stupid annoying music, and have stupid intros that you can't skip and take forever to start the game. Games are now more complicated and more annoying. Doesn't always send score the time you want it to, so you'd have to play the game AGAIN.

4. Ugly interface. Other than the addition of 1090848322 more ads on the page, the interface is ridiculous. I do not need to see my active Neopet everywhere. Go to my items, see my pet's picture two times, go to references, see my pet's picture three times. Is this necessary?! What happened to the simple text links?? Games page is overloaded with images when it could have been that simple four category that it had years ago. Userlookups look disgusting now, you can hardly customize it anymore. They add unnecessary features such as the stupid "intro box" in the the items section which makes it even more cluttered and changed pictures that do not need to be changed.

5. Staff members are corny. They choose the worse jokes for contests, the most stupid and most obvious questions to answer, posts compliments by users but never complaints to fix, and in certain contests, they choose actual pictures taken with a camera instead of nicely done digital art work. My art took longer to do than the person's stupid Hershey bar with a hat on it! They change the Neopets to stupid poses with the fist as if the Neopet is angry (I HATE THIS POSE) and now all the pets look corny and stand the same way.

Don't be surprised by all the retired paint brushes and potions, they obviously want you to spend in their NC shop rather than paint your pet. This website is NOT for kids and is ridiculous! Been there since 2000, and it was fun for about 4-5 years and now it SUCKS. Take my advice and walk away from it.
I stopped playing Neopets because they were being unfair and over advertised everywhere on their pages!
by Underwater Ruins April 24, 2008

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An internet service provider that gives you internet for cheap prices but very bad. Dialup of course. I used the high speed version and it was still extremely slow. It stops loading after a few pages of web browsing.

Free Netzero: 10 hours of crappy internet. I used MetConnect for free in the projects and it was running fast like cable.

Paid Netzero: Faster than free, but stops loading after an hour or so. Restarting your computer or reconnecting helps but not always.
Omg! My free internet from Netzero ran out. I used 10 hours in a month and now I have no more left!
by Underwater Ruins July 10, 2008

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The greatest new thing around 199x to 2002 until everyone discovered DSL and Cable became cheaper. AOL dialup is extremely bad, I always got disconnected, the program is so cluttered, they are annoying, their antivirus stuff are annoying, the staff is annoying. I wanted to cancel my membership and wouldn't even let me, instead they ask me questions and then giving me another free month. I just want to freaking leave!
Me: Hi I would like to remove my account.
AOL Personnel: Was there something wrong with our service? We would be happy to provide you another free month of AOL.
Me: No, I just don't find the need to use it.
AOL Personnel: In fact we have many offers to give out for free. Our software helps protect your web browsing experience and your computer from unknown viruses and malware.
Me: I understand that, but I just don't want to use AOL anymore, I found something different.
AOL Personnel: Would you like us to join your new internet provider with our software? We are able to partner up with many internet providers.
Me: No, I would just like to leave, thank you.
AOL Personnel: Are you sure? Because--
Me: *Hangs up*
by Underwater Ruins July 10, 2008

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Mozilla Firefox (fx) a fast and useful browser that is open source and provides many add ons developed by regular people like you and I, and is known for it's speed and extensions.

Good browser, but is not the best. There is no such thing as the best as every browser has its pros and cons. Firefox uses a lot more memory than others (Safari, IE7, Opera) Firefox 3 that recently came out is extremely buggy and disappointing.

Yes, it may be better than IE7, and Firefox compares itself against IE7 all the time, obviously, because they cannot beat Opera. Opera is truly the fastest and lightest browser yet no one sees it because Firefox is extremely overrated.
Person 1: IE sucks, Firefox wins! They even said it on their site, they have so much more!

Person 2: But Firefox never compared itself to Opera.

Person 1: Oh... right... Umm.. well Firefox.. I like..
by Underwater Ruins July 10, 2008

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Was a great site years ago, but became ad-filled, annoying and full of ridiculous losers and girls who have nothing to do but take pictures of their bodies. Myspace is a site where you can add music and customize your page, however how much customization can you even get? They have ads everywhere that popup, make noise, and just annoy you. Their new "spam" filter that requires you to type in the letters just to edit your HTML is a hassle and doesn't even work because people still spam everywhere.

People there do not know the meaning of TRUE graphic and web designing. Instead, stupid 14 year olds and even 10 year olds or people of other ages download a few Photoshop brushes, splat it in a blank document and call it their own background or banner. Then when the brush's artist comes along and complain, the myspace user would be like" doOd wah da fuqq i did diz myslef!!1"

Girls and guys have no lives, almost 85% of them are truly immature going around adding random people to rate their half naked pictures and their crap filled pages that are stretched out with videos, have complimentary colors that will blind your eyes, or disgusting pictures of themselves. Then when they get stalked by a sexual predator, they wonder why it happened. They act like everyone is a "hater" and wants to "jock their shit" when really they were the ones "jocking" other peoples' art and hating on others. NO ONE WANTS/NEEDS/TRIES TO HATE YOU.

Then the site has stupid errors like "unknown error" or "unexpected error" like wtf? Everything I do is wrong? Then the main page is like a matchy-patchy ad-page featuring an upcoming show or movie poorly done and lagging the browser. Peoples' choices of music kills my desire of wanting to go to their page, especially when it's full of videos, I can't even see where the music player is, meanwhile it's blasting my ears off.

I used to like this site, but not it sucks. Thanks, but no thanks. I hope myspace rots.
I used to go on Myspace but now it sucks because almost everyone there are losers.
by Underwater Ruins April 24, 2008

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Fastest browser and lightest one I know of between IE7 and Firefox. People seem to underrate this browser, it's less than 8MB yet manages to hold a bittorent downloader, email client, magic wand features, and endless customization to the interface along with thousands of widgets and themes (skins) you can choose from on their site. Most stuff Firefox has or just added, has been intergrated with Opera for years.
Opera > Firefox > IE7
by Underwater Ruins July 10, 2008

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