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What D.C. rioters shouted right after doing a bump of smack
After Skeeter-Enos Pawpucket scored some street corner meth in Adams Morgan, he joined with hillbilly pals and went down to invade our nation's Capitol in an act of Trump Treason. Just before reaching the building, he snorted a line on his hand, and screamed "My face is spicy" and then went to steal Pelosi's laptop.
by Uncle Joosie April 11, 2021
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Charlie Crist meme-shade
"DeSanTAX is the price Floridians pay for Ronald Dion DerpSantis' retaliation against Florida businesses that don't follow his petulant man-child demands"—embellished meme produced by Crist campaign
by Uncle Joosie May 9, 2022
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Kenya brought Cookie Lady to lunch to ambush Tanya about her about the boyfriend's dalliances. "that's some fucked up Shmessy, girl" Cynthia said, which then caused a fight with Kenya.
by Uncle Joosie February 17, 2020
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after Election Day 2018 when America partially rid itself of incompetent racist complicit cheating republicans
2018's Midterm Elections' Blue Tsunami was actually a blue douche where a good portion GOP fuckers were flushed out for a new Democratic congress
by Uncle Joosie May 3, 2019
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when a knowledgeable fan of big cocks can easily spot a guy sporting impressive meat.
Travis noticed a lanky guy walking down the street and used his trusty Size Queen Radar to determine that yes that dude was hung like a rhino.
by Uncle Joosie July 2, 2018
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when your father nibbles the seeds and discards the rind
Larry finished his deli sandwich and picked up the pickle spear; instead of eating the whole thing he decided to beaver that pickle and gnaw the seeds out
by Uncle Joosie April 29, 2019
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One day after transnational mobster and criminal The Former Guy demanded DOJ release the warrant to search his Florida shithole, Dark Garland stepped to the podium and said “I’ve authorized release of the warrant so America can see how royally fucked you are. your move, traitor”
by Uncle Joosie August 11, 2022
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