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one of the greatest games of all time. takes place in an alternate future in which America never developed the A-Bomb. Russia (Soviet Union) makes the 1st one, then bombs Berlin with it to end WWII, and then begins to take over and spread its control over many countries. Then in 2003 after controlling all of Europe and most of the rest of the world, the Soviets invade and take over the US. You quickly take up arms and lead squads of freedom fighters to fend off the evil soviet invaders.

even better on console due to the sick ass multiplayer mode.
Freedom Fighters is the most under rated and forgotten game of all time.
by sensfan19_15 May 04, 2007
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Depending on your viewpoint, either a hero or a terrorist.
Red Army Faction (Germany), Chechens (Chechenya), Palestinians (Israel), White Rose (Nazi Germany), USA (World)
by DeadByDawn November 08, 2004
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The person who never fails, does whatever, goes wherever... some kind of superhuman
1.- A: Dude, you know who could fix that satellite?
B: No, who?
A: FreedomFighter

2.- A: Are you going to the party?
B: No, but I know who is.
A: Who?
B: FreedomFighter
by SeikenKun January 17, 2010
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someone who fights for personal freedoms. whenther those freedoms be to drink smoke or sit with your friends at a lunch table.
fuck all the brainwashing teachers FF for life. FIGHT THE POWER
by mu moo May 06, 2004
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CIA backed thug armies hired to oppose popular uprisings in third-world countries. Methods include rape, murder, kidnapping.
Former US president Reagan praised the freedom fighters opposing the Sandinista National Liberation Front fighting to overthrow the US-backed Somoza dynasty in Nicaragua.
by Mackenzie2148 February 14, 2011
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A gang that has recently emerged in CenCal/NorCal around the Manteca, Stockton, and Lathrop areas

They claim yellow and green, XII (12), however this gang is unique in the fact that they dont claim an axis on the compass such as the north or south there is a joke that they claim the "Z axis" which is a mathematical term for the 3rd dimension
another unique property about this gang is that they do not have a race there seems to be members of all background unlike other gangs of the area such as; Norte, Surenos, Bloods, and Crips
And a final odd thing about this gang is that they have no real rival gang, however they seem to take a special hatred toward the gang MS 13, but they claim to be against the government
their leader is described as a quite a number of things such as a black police brutality victim, a short little white boy, and a hot blonde chick the only thing thats really known that they go by "Tango" or "Zero" as an alias

Motto: "There's no real freedom under a legal modern mafia, we shall unite, get cocked, and take aim, or get the fuck out of the way" (this can be seen in almost every fast food restaurant bathroom in Manteca)

Other names: "Freefas", "FF", "Double Fs"

Derogatory terms: "Fag Fighters", "Fuck Faces"
guy1: "who the hell reps yellow!?"
guy2: "those are freedom fighters they just run around tagging everything"
guy1: "?odd?"
by telephone45 March 15, 2008
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