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The action of an addict who consumes large amounts of pharmaceuticals, by mouth.
"I was eating at least 40 to 50 Vicodins a day before I checked myself into rapid opiate detox."
by Twelve-Step slang October 26, 2004
The Betty Ford Center (BFC). A very comfortable drug and alcohol rehab in Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs area), California. Term used by current and former (alumini) patients of the center.
"While getting clean at Club Betty, I took in sun on my patio with the mountain view, hung out at the pool, and worked out with the personal trainer."
by Twelve-Step slang November 10, 2004
A member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and therefore (usually) a recovering alcoholic. Derived from the name of Bill Wilson (Bill W.), one of the founding members of AA.
If you are at an airport and have a temptation to head to one of the bars, instead have "Bill W." paged, as code for your need for someone from the program come have a "meeting" with you.
by Twelve-Step slang October 24, 2004
A relapse on alcohol or drugs, usually short in duration with minimal harm done. Contrasted with doing some homework.
"Oh, it just was a little slip, but now I'm going to meetings everyday and working a strong program."
by Twelve-Step slang November 7, 2004
Sexaholics Anonymous.
A Twelve-Step fellowship / group in the tradition of AA. For people who believe they are sex addicts. In some areas, the group is called Sex and Love-aholics Anonymous (SLA).
"SA meetings are a great place to go if you want to get laid."
by Twelve-Step slang October 24, 2004
Cocaine Anonymous.
A Twelve-Step fellowship / group in the tradition of AA. For those individuals addicted to cocaine (blow, crack) and their lives have become unmanagable.
"Finding my old crack pipe might be a trigger, so I better get to a CA meeting!"
by Twelve-Step slang October 24, 2004
"You haven't seen me at meetings for months becuase I was out doing some homework."
by Twelve-Step slang October 25, 2004