That technophile has all the latest gadgets.
by Turnspike February 10, 2003
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Someone who is obsessed and completely up-to-date with the latest technology and media.
Hipsters are technophiles, for primitive shit.
by Baconbeer November 21, 2011
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Someone who becomes sexual aroused while in the presence of latest technology.
Technophile: I have nothing better to do but bash gaming consoles and care about which console is selling best.

Me: Just play your fucking ps3 and shut the fuck up, no one gives a fuck.

Example 2:
Technophile: ...Ipod...Ipod...Ipod..........ipod...
by Astro man February 6, 2008
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A technophile is someone who is typically attracted to mecha or tech related items or objects. People can be attracted to robots or androids, computers, mobile phones, you name it.

Though, this term can also be called "Mechaphilia". A term in which someone is attracted to machinery. Such as vehicles, tools, and much more. This may also include robots or androids, and what I listed in the previous description.

These attractions can be sexual, romantic, or platonic. If you want them to be.

(The definitions above are for educational purposes.)
1: Oh my god, did you see that new game?
2: Yeah, the cars are so cute! Maybe a little hot too..
1: You know what, I actually agree with you on that.
2: ...Technophiles?
1: ...Technophiles.
by oceanmushroom September 27, 2021
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A consumer often inundated with technology, as a means of distracting from the drawbacks and dangers of capitalist culture. Technophilles often find themselves staring at the shiniest new iPhone, or the newest news in science. This keeps the consumer complacent with worldwide ecological destruction, and class oppression.
The technophille in my reading club keeps his nose in front of the TV, to keep his emotions controlled by mass culture.
by UrbaniteHater October 29, 2021
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