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German social theorist widely taught at universities around the U.S. A very popular thinker among U.S. college students of limited intellectual capacity or liberal political inclination.

Marx taught that the property owners oppressed the poor working class people. They did this primarily through religion which was described as the opiate of the masses and an effective means of controlling people. Marx, while being an atheist, considered himself something of a prophet, and Marxism the absolute truth.

In this manner Marx subtlety deceived the mass of mediocre intellectuals into worshiping him as their messiah. Marx is the messiah to Marxists and Marxism is their religion. Marxism, like many religions, is dogmatic and requires unquestioning obedience. Critical thinking is unacceptable. Marx wrote that any philosophy or perspective other than Marxism is capitalist ideology or false consciousness used to control people. Marx taught that the only truth is Marxism and only Marxism can liberate people.

In this regard Karl Marx is no different from any other religious extremist such as Osama bin Laden who wishes to exterminate all non Muslims. Marxist leaders throughout history have often exterminated citizens critical of Marxism.

Mao Tse Tung alone killed 50 million Chinese who were considered disobedient to the Marxist ideal. He especially targeted intellectuals who he asked to give advice on how the Marxist ideal could be improved. When they offered criticism and advice, they were rounded up and executed.
College kid: isn't Marx cool, he hates the rich oppressors?
College kid #2: yeah, let's go vote for Barack Obama!
by TruthMaster July 11, 2008
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A group of adult males who want to have sex with young boys. Also known as G-UNIT. Or GAY-UNIT. Their conflict with Ja Rule stems from the fact that they once caught him in dark alley and did bang, bang, bang in Ja Rule's anus. Ja Rule didn't really like that very much. But he ain't gonna do shit about it. G-Uuuuuunit!
G-Unit members are all PROUD members of NAMBLA.
by TruthMaster November 3, 2007
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Person who has become expert in providing a blowjob. This is actually a more sophisticated skill than many girls realize.
Alphonse: You are a real blowjob artist Frankie.
Frankie DJ: Thank you, I'm sorry for talking with my mouth full.
by TruthMaster October 4, 2006
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A group faggots on the prowl to get huge cock from young men. Often willing to pay for it.
G-Unit is a pole patrol crew.
by TruthMaster November 3, 2007
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Mayor of New Orleans who failed to put his people on the buses which sat empty for 5 days while hurricane Katrina approached. Turned down an offer from Amtrak to assist him in evacuating people before the hurricane hit. Now those people are dead or homeless and he looks to blame others for his incompetence.
Ray Nagin: "When we rebuild this will be Chocolate City again..."
by TruthMaster August 30, 2006
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Most intelligent black woman in America. Also a piano virtuoso and current Secretary of State of the U.S. Not well liked by most Black Americans nor white liberals who seem to believe that every black person is required to play the role of the victim and is not entitled to have their own beliefs.
Condoleeza Rice is a beautiful, intelligent, successful, educated and talented black woman, and it is no coincidence that she is Republican.
by TruthMaster August 30, 2006
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Rapper named for the price he charges niggas for a blowjob when in prison or juvenile hall. Forced to leave the street life when he discovers his only true street skill is getting shot.
by TruthMaster August 28, 2006
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