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A picture of a cat making a angry face on 4chans /bant/ board that started circulating from late 2017 onwards
by floppydiksguy47577t76 May 27, 2018
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Keep On Tugging. This refers to foreskin restoration (uncircumcision). Tugging is when you stretch the shaft skin on your penis so it will grow.
I am going to KOT until I get full gland coverage on my penis so it won't be dry all the time due to being circumcised!
by Monta Ellis January 24, 2007
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Abbreviation for Kingdom of Trolls. Evolved from the IMDb forums.

The most epic forum eva!
User1: Where did all the IMDb regs go?
User2: kot
by tztelw3 December 05, 2007
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originated from Kyle English of Chicago when referring to his brother as a man whore just wasn't enough.
He came up with KOTS


his little brother
defends this title well
and remains to be KOTS forever
ex1: Kyle: damn look at that cutie
Kurt: oh no i think it's time for KOTS to come out

ex2: Dude stop trying to be KOTS !!

ex3: Dude that was a Total KOTS moment huh?
by SexKitten 4224 SHYA March 16, 2009
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Known as hijacked or looted in local language .
O Amar mobile kot korse .
- He kot (hijacked) my Mobile
by Kaium March 20, 2018
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