22 definitions by Trinide

1. An abundance of a$$. when it shakes it's capable of getting your "stick up"

2. A big a$$ with money in the G-string.
"She gotta booty bank I need to make a deposit."

"You gotta booty bank? Stick UP! I'm here to rob it."

"You gotta booty bank show me where the safe's at."
by Trinide April 18, 2007
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1. Someone in the hood that is big and powerful. Not a bully, but nobody get's them mad.

2. Someone who always has products in their trunk. Have product will travel.

3. Never forgets a customer.
" I am the dopeman, they are the trap boys, I am the Elephant!"

"there go the elephant, he always got somethin in his trunk, CD's, Dvd's, clothes, dime bags, etc"
by Trinide April 18, 2007
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1. Money - Chips and cheddar

2. More money more problems. "More Chips, More Cheddar, More Beef."
"I need tropical, Columbian cargo, so I can ship Ki's to Largo, and I can get cheesy NACHOS I got those bags that will hit your snot nose like Hector Camacho"
by Trinide April 16, 2007
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1. A female who is easy. An Easy breezy.

2. An undercover freak.

3. A girl who wears too much makeup.
"In the club take her to the bathroom she's a COVER GIRL after that you can leave with another girl."

"When we woke up the next morning I realized she was a COVER GIRL I could hardly recognize her"
by Trinide April 16, 2007
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1. An electric guitar heavy rap track.
(Rock music with Hip-hop swagger.
Or Hip-hop with Rock music swagger.)

2. The unwarranted confidence one usually gets from smoking crack.
1. Run DMC's "Walk This Way", Diddy's "Come With Me", TRiN!DE's "Swagger Rock", Limp Bizcuit's "Nookie"

2. no example needed.
by Trinide January 08, 2009
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Cruising down; The Block, Your Street, the main street in your neighborhood. The Avenue. A street where there is typically a lot of foot traffic or action. Street with a lot of clubs, bars, drugs, prostitutes, beggars, street vendors etc.
Aint nothin crackin off til about 11pm we might as well just ride the nue.
by Trinide April 30, 2007
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the act of doing something very housewifey womanly or motherly. Especially when you are a man.

Are you gonna come have drinks with the guys or stay home and knit cookies.

Me and my wife have an understanding, I earn the money she stays home knitting cookies.
by Trinide May 10, 2007
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