6 definitions by Trevor Anderson

Many a young mans' sex tool...
"It's just me and my hand tonight... Where's the lotion?..."
by Trevor Anderson January 18, 2005
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Big blue planet in the Milky Way. "Humans" live on this planet, and their behavior is contradictive to itself. Humans scream about cutting down rainforest, something which supplies Oxygen to the planet and keeps a protective barrier called the O-Zone alive around the earth, but inhale smoke from a burning tobbacco plant into their lungs, which also destroys the O-zone. Many of their seperated religious beliefs state that "Murder" is forbidden, but they kill millions of "Non-Believers" everyday. They are rude to one another for no reason. They hate law and authority, expecially while again endangering their lives and everyone around them lives while driving vehicles to fast, but beggs for law enforment when someone steals from them.
They also imagine that they are the rulers of all imagination and space. Aliens, which is a debated topic on the planet, is something they think they can handle, when they can't even obey or respect laws sat down by man themself.
"Humans" are a strang breed of creatures, and that's why all other lifeforms in the galaxy hide their exsistance from them.
"Stay away from earth Kremlar. Those 'Humans' are crazy."
"You're probably right Trylak."
by Trevor Anderson January 21, 2005
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(Chud) Any crude liquid or creamy based substance released from the body.
"Man, you sick! You about to chud?"

"I left some major chud in your toilet."

"You dick! You blasted me with chud!"
by Trevor Anderson January 18, 2005
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A horrible boss who has no idea how to run a buisness. (S)He has the same lame motivational phrases which become meaningless after hearing them day in and out. Also, you totally hate his/her guts for being a total tight-wad.
For more info, See Office Space.

"Yeah, I'm going to need you to come in on, ohh, saturday. We need to play catch up. Oh, and you might as well come in on Sunday too. Thannnkkss.."

"I'm going to need to move you down to storage room B."
by Trevor Anderson January 18, 2005
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1. Female "Singer" who has obtain millions by splurting out dumb questions and statements. She's married to another equal semi-famous "Singer", Nick, Who probably married her because he wasn't listen to what she was saying when they were dating. Crazy/Beautiful is the best term for this girl.

2. To be a woman who looks like one of God's perfect gifts to earth, but is in fact an insult to anyone with a brain.

3. To obtain millions for being a dumb-ass.
1. "Dude, why you watching Newlyweds?... Oh my, Jessica got her head stuck in the toilet again! She needs to stop kicking, she scuffing up her gold-plated floors."

2."We were watching a show about Dinosaurs and she asked if it was actual footage... She's such a Jessica Simpson."

3. "He slipped on dry ground in the store, but they still settled with him for 1.2 million. Freakin' Jessica Simpson!"
by Trevor Anderson January 19, 2005
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Created by people just as lonely as the people who play it. You play a gnome, elf, fairy or (Imagine this) a man. Your goal is to loose your job, wife, family, money, ability to use muscles (Besides clicking fingers and wrists), and life to this game. Your character collects graphical swords and potions in a never ending quest to obtain level 99 status. If you do, you are transported (in real "life") 10 years into the future, with no idea how the outside world looks, or how the sun looks for that matter.
"Yo Jim! I aint seen you 10 years! Where have you been?"
"Yae Carl, I'ft been defeating dragons and healing the week in Milotaph, a starved colony. I'm a level 96 Demi-God, and I must make haste to the local tavern to buy yet more lotion and energy serum. Good day villager."
"So, I guess you aint on for basketball then?"
by Trevor Anderson January 18, 2005
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