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(verb) Running your fingers through your partner's hair durning vigorous making out causing a drastic increase in hair volume; thus causing the hair to take on the appearance of a lion's mane.
{Brian and Michele intensly making out on a futon}

Michele: BRIAN! I told you not to lion me! We are going to visit my parents later!

Brian: It's better than leaving a chinese takeout in your purse.
by Travis Urban August 25, 2008

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arousing the area above the genitals during the awkward phase between the 'sand paper' stage and the 'forest' stage.
My girlfriend usually has a full Brazilian but last night I was broomin' porcupines.
by Travis Urban May 03, 2006

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After fellatio, when the receiver shoots their load into their
partner's eyes so that they can't see.
This one time I really didn't want to return the favor to this girl,
so I gave her the London Fog and busted out of there.
by Travis Urban December 20, 2006

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1. a relationship that only lasts through the winter months
2. the opposite of a summer fling.
"Is Trisha still with Andy?"
"no that was just a winterlude."
by Travis Urban January 22, 2007

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a raunchy gutterslut who you can ride all day and go where ever you'd like for a cheap price (much like the NYC unlimited metro cards)
"suzie is always sleeping with a new boy..she's such an unlimited metro!"
by Travis Urban August 18, 2006

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The act of taking off a used condom, tying it up, and placing it into your chick's purse so she'll find it the next morning.
"i give my girl chinese takeouts..it's my little way of saying thanks."
by Travis Urban August 02, 2006

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The incessant and immediate need to race to the toilet after downing a cup of coffee. The race is between you and your bowels. Hopefully you win!
Jay walking home from Sunday morning brunch with friends and all of a sudden starts sprinting towards his apartment

Mikal: Hey Jay where are you going?!?
Jay: I had too much coffee! I got a turtle pushing cloth!
by Travis Urban August 25, 2008

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