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Referencing the protagonist John Galt in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" where the aforementioned and fellow business tycoons go on strike to "stop the motor of the world" which leads to the collapse of the socialist society (true collectivism would be like the Borg) portrayed in the novel.

Thus "Going Galt" implies to either not start or cease being productive as a response to socialism.
I can't believe that socialist Obama was elected in a statistical landslide. I'm Going Galt!!
by Toilet896 June 21, 2019

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When a person publicly live streaming a game does a sexy dance in return for donations.
Bot: sadist99 has donated $5
Pokemon go vlogger: Thank you very much *does a shame dance*
by Toilet896 July 18, 2016

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Taken from the fact that the differences between snowflakes typically have no bearing on the situation at hand, a special snowflake is someone who thinks they're entitled to special treatment because of their feels rather than suffer any logical accountability. A clear indication of said feels and lack of accountability is when a special snowflake experiences the first of the 7 stages of grief over their diagnosis with Special Snowflake Syndrome. The wounded creature can then be seen angrily typing on social media to redefine the term itself in a sad attempt to fool the entire world but themselves. After ignoring snowflake facts, they will pretend that "special" only has one strawmanned context to end up in literally Hitler land, no doubt munching on Doritos as well.
Special Snowflake: 3+3 is 5. Disagree and you're Hitler *eats Dorito*
Bystander: 3+3 is 6
Special Snowflake: 6 million Jews!
Bystander: You are really devaluing the horrors of the Holocaust here.
Special Snowflake: *scuffs up Dorito* Hitler!
by Toilet896 December 10, 2017

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probably existed in the 80s as a quarter game similar to Ponderosa like that board game at the time that wasn't a sex act. Meant to be played with 3 people and 3 cups, with each cup facing a player. If the quarter goes into their own cup they have to drink all of them, but if it goes in one of the other 2 the corresponding player has to drink it
Brett Kavanaugh: Hey guys, you know what we should call this game? Devil's Triangle. My name is Brett Kavanaugh.
by Toilet896 October 03, 2018

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Someone who is announcing that they are shy, bisexual and needs lots of pity points
Tumblr special snowflake: I am shy, bi and ready to cry
Imaginary reader: Please god NO! And how brave of you to say that you're bisexual and being shy on top of that!
by Toilet896 July 31, 2016

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An adjective describing someone who has achieved a ridiculous amount of university degrees.
Dr. Phil - I have more degrees than a thermometer but even as a country boy, I can tell that your family has shit the bed.
by Toilet896 November 17, 2015

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Spanish intelligence for when you can't think of a synonym.
Let me drop some more intelligensay on you.
by Toilet896 November 21, 2015

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