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In American history, minstrel shows were a form of entertainment that featured white performers in blackface. Generally, the performances were disparaging to black people, and the actors conformed to negative stereotypes associated with black Americans. Minstrel shows began in America sometime in the 1830's and continued to be performed in some parts of the U.S. until the 1950's.
In the "lost episodes" of Chappelle's Show, a pixie appears in some sketches as a minstrel in blackface, exhorting various black individuals to behave stereotypically. A notable example is when the "stereotype pixie" encourages Chappelle to order the fried chicken for his in-flight meal on a plane.
by TobyTheRobot September 30, 2006
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"alliwantforxmasisapsp" was a website sponsored by Sony which was intended to promote their PSP handheld gaming system. The site was a faux blog which was created by a company called Zipatoni, which specializes in "activating consumers." The gaming community became suspicious of the site primarily due to its gratuitous, awkward and often incorrect use of internet slang. The site was taken down shortly after it was definitively outed as a Sony-sponsored advertisement.
Actual text from alliwantforxmasisapsp.com:

"don't just wear it – pwn it!!1!"

"our boy Cousin Pete 'rapped up these crazy beatz and rhymes & put them under our tree! much luv and thx, pete."

"this original "all I want for xmas is a psp" jam is bound to be a cla$$ic!"
by TobyTheRobot December 21, 2006
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A common turn of phrase on the internet, generally used as an expression of quiet, subdued admiration for one's wit. Especially appropriate after a particularly deft pun.
Person 1: You hear about that guy who stole all the plumbing fixtures from that house? He even took all the toilets. The police have nothing to go on.

Person 2: Heh. I see what you did there.
by TobyTheRobot June 26, 2007
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An incorrect spelling of rofl. Generally employed by individuals who are not well acquainted with chatspeak, but are trying their best to fit in.
Guy 1: hey did you hear that billy shat himself at kevin's party yesterday

Guy 2: Yeah, he must have been so wasted ROTFL! :-)

Guy 1: rotfl? dude wtf, nobody puts in the t, and nobody puts noses on their emoticons! what are you somebody's mom or something?

Guy 2: But -- I don't understand! The phrase is clearly "Rolling on THE floor laughing," which implies that --

Guy 1: stfu noob
by TobyTheRobot March 14, 2008
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Hello, friend. If you've arrived at this definition, then you don't know how to spell poop chute. That's okay; it's a common error. People often become confused because shoot and chute are homophones. In addition, the idea of one's butt as "poop shoot" does make sense on some level if one imagines the asshole as a sort of gun that shoots poop as a projectile. This sort of thinking, however, is misguided. In actual fact, the imagery from which this slang term is derived envisions one's butthole as a chute from which poop is discarded.
Remember, kids, it's "poop chute," not "poop shoot." The more you know...
by TobyTheRobot June 12, 2007
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One who feels the need to over-editorialize in their Urban Dictionary submissions.
A hypothetical douchebag's Urban Dictionary Submission on "marijuana." Notice that only the first sentence is a definition:

Marijuana is a plant that lots of people smoke to get high. A lot of people think that marijuana is a harmless drug but that is not true. There have been many studies done on marijuana and it toally fries your brain. I heard this one kid jammed a fork in his eye because he was so "high" on the "dope chronics." I seen this thing on the TV that says that one smoking of marijuana makes you high for two months. Also my sister smokes marijuana and it made her totally stupid cause she is a tard. Don't smoke marijuana!!!
by TobyTheRobot September 10, 2006
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