48 definition by Tina

something hilariously funny or sarcastic
That grandma just fell down the stairs and her wig came off! It was so fondalus!
by tina March 29, 2005

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screw with an accent (duh)
well SKAREW you!!! Bungholio!!!
by tina March 01, 2005

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1.dan's mom
2. a sim

can be shortened to dippy or dippa
hey kwadippa! how' it going?
by tina July 11, 2004

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To swat it up is to work very hard on: homework, extra curricular activities or other unnecessary and good activities. You know if you are swatting, it is somehow fun, but you also get brownie points from someone for doing it.
I am going to swat it up on and attend that conference after work.
by tina July 23, 2004

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Sad, having the blues, in a funk.
I dropped my ice cream on the sidewalk; it made me marfy.
by Tina August 12, 2004

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something tht helps someone else and benefits you
mary"thanks for that buck"
chris"no problem afta thaat bisfo you gave me last night"
by TINA March 15, 2005

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a woman who is rather large in size, broad and stocky, doesn't have a very pretty face.
"whoa, that bitch is lookin' beastly."
by Tina December 24, 2004

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