48 definition by Tina

small little creature that is 3ft tall
a little person with a big nose
by tina August 11, 2004

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Someone in their teenage years, or who acts very youthful. Sometimes considered immature.
Those high school students are sure acting like a teenster
by Tina October 21, 2003

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adjective 1. underwear scrunched up in your butt hole; a wedgie
That girl has a major choo chug, she really needs to pick her butt!
by tina July 03, 2003

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something that was stolen
"Yo, I got my laptop hot"
by Tina April 11, 2003

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Used to describe a man with a very large penis.
His cock must have been a foot long. He was positively manstrous!
by tina January 19, 2003

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attention seeker from LIM chat. Beware of this user if you come into contact with her she will probably try and make you feel sorry for her.
Frekkul's is a Moo Shlagg
by Tina December 27, 2004

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"fly for a white guy"
from The Offspring
in the futuer it might mean somthing eles but for now that s what it means to me
by Tina November 28, 2003

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