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'Shoppo' or (as it is known to those of society who can produce more than once syllable) Westfield Shoppingtown is a known Holy Site and Congregation point for the strange sub-species of humans known as the Muzza. Shoppo is widely used by anthropologists and wildlife activists alike, to view the Muzza in its natural habitat and as mother nature intended, mullet greased and Nike gear proudly on display. Due to the large population of Muzzas there is also a vibrant and ever expanding collection of Nissan Supras and VL Holdens on display as the Muzza attempts to attract a mate while also trying to cement their spots as the Alpha males of the tribe/herd.
Example 1, A Muzz on 'Shoppo':

Example 2, Normal People on 'Shoppo':

Dave:"Have you been to Westfield Shoppingtown now that its been done up?"

Jim:"Fuck no, there are Muzzas everywhere."
by Timmy_222 May 11, 2009

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(Verb) To steal something in use by another when they aren't paying attention. Often used in reference to chairs, remotes and other objects/appliances.
Example 1:
Dave: "Hahahhaha. Gazza isn't happy, totally sharked his chair when he stood up to get his drink."

Example 2:
Joe: "Ugh, i hate so you think you can dance. Who the fuck watches this shit?"

Tim: "Quickly, Anne is looking away, Shark the remote. NOW!"
by timmy_222 August 24, 2009

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To use ones balls as an offensive weapon, slapping your victim across the face. Think of it as a violent teabag. This action can be applied in a variety of situations, such as when drunk, angry or enjoying a good streak.
John: Dude, my balls are hurting something chronic this morning.

Jack: Why's that?

John: Joan refused to swallow last night, so I totally duck slapped her.

Jack: Brutal man, brutal.
by Timmy_222 May 04, 2009

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A master of disguise, the shitfag is a cigarette consituted entirely out of shit. These can be used to surprise your friends, annoy your enemies or if your trapped in Mongolia, it is indeed what everyone else is smoking.
Pat: "Oh cheers for the smoke man"
Bob: "It's my pleasure, i couldn't finish the whole pack off anyways..."
*Bob walks off*
Ben: "Dude, you just totally Shitfagged Pat. NICE!"
by Timmy_222 May 11, 2009

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A person who is failing at typing. They are regularly all over the place and it appears they are in fact having a seizure while typing.
Example one:
Herty man hosw ti going>?
(Hey man, hows it gowg?

Example two:
Person 1: Hey dude what were you on about last night, calling gen busty?
person 2: OH NO, i meant gen is busy!
1: Classic case of keyboard spastic right there.
by Timmy_222 June 21, 2009

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When two men (the bread) catch an unsuspecting victim (the filling) in between them and begin to squeeze. For the victim it's like being caught in a two way bear hug.
Jimmy: "Dude, Daniel had two of his ribs broken when Joe and Tim caught him in a Man Sandwich."

John: "Those two always hand out one brutal Man Sandwich."
by Timmy_222 May 18, 2009

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Unintentional Comedy refers to any type of performing art that fails so bad it becomes a piece of comedy gold. This phenomenon is most regularly seen in the movie genre but can apply to music, theater or even visual art.
Prime examples of Unintentional comedy are movies such as COMMANDO, Total Recall, Rambo 4 and The Transporter. These movies were all intended as serious works but in the end are so poorly made or acted that their failure has amused the masses, making them cult hits. A musical Example is Lordi, a band who obviously think they are hardcore, but could be outmanned by a female kitten.
by Timmy_222 June 22, 2009

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