Really good joke or humour, especially in the sense of unintentional hilarity. Comedy gold is or is worthy to be a classic.
I heard something today that was comedy gold: "I had lunch with several international students here; one German, an American and two from Nepal, and they were so typical: The European guy talked about culture, the guys from Nepal talked about religion, and the American was eating".
by Mikademus August 28, 2010
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Used to describe an incredibly good joke. Most commonly used for sex jokes, inside jokes, or anything that isn't funny at all.
Guy 1: What's big, white, and hard?
Guy 2: A dinosaur bone?
Guy 1: No! MAH DIHCK!
Guy 2: That was "hilarious"! Comedy gold right there, man!
by just your average lad March 19, 2018
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When somebody tells a joke that they think is really funny but its not.
Person: You should kill yourself
Me: Wow, that's kind of ru--
Person : Just kidding!
Me: Comedy Gold.
by TinyDog August 16, 2018
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Bill cosby: Ha, that was funny.
Steven Hawking: I know, that was some real comedy gold.
by Bob dinkledash January 13, 2019
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