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The HBC, or Head Bitch In Charge, is a woman with unquestioned authority and gets what she wants whenever she wants it. She rules with an iron fist of bitchy-ness and fear. Cross her: you die. There can only be one Head Bitch In Charge in a workplace, school, team etc. If there are two or more, they either a)become besties and rules in a partner-ship. or b) claw each others eyes out until there is only one left
Friend: "What do you think of Wilhelmina from Ugly Betty?"

Me: "Well she gets what she wants and everyone fears her so she's definitely the Head Bitch In Charge."
by acyplakov November 19, 2014
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High Butt Crack Syndrome:
A medical condition in which, upon sitting, 3-4 inches of the victims butt crack are exposed. typically found in high school girls and the occasional middle aged fat man.
"that girl over there has some serious hbcs.."
"sick man."
by imnotverywitty May 06, 2008
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Hbc, the company that encompasses the Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters, is a canadian retailer that began in 1670 with the signing of a charter granting the company exclusive fur trading rights.
Its a store retailer, similar to Sears.
by Snabb November 19, 2003
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"We need the OR cleared, stat, a HBC is on its way!"
by Aerrickh June 08, 2005
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Heart Breaking Cunt. Someone who breaks up with you in a most outrageous manner, i.e. over MSN, on facebook wall, etc.
That HBC just broke up with me the other day over a text message, what a bitch!
by U. Nanimous March 04, 2008
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