16 definitions by Timmy and friends

A Crispy Crunchy Donut that the best youll ever find
Crispyer Crunchyer Donuter

Crunchy Crispy Donut
by Timmy and friends April 11, 2020
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Droogon is when someone cant stop drooling no matter what they try to do
Jennifer: ewwwwwwwwwww whats happening?

Josh: im droogon Jennifer •josh says flinging drool everywhere•
by Timmy and friends April 11, 2020
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A frishen fig is a boy that looks like a frog feels like a fish and acts like a fig

Kaelon: im not a frishen fig ok
by Timmy and friends April 11, 2020
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A genix is a mixture between a genie and pheonix if they had a baby you would get a genix.
Josh: emily my love look its a mythical genix they say you only see one once in a life time.

Emily: Oh My God no way brittany are you seeing this?

Brittany: one sec let me take a selfie ok timmy

Timmy:its fine i guess
by Timmy and friends April 10, 2020
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A giraffe is a tall boy that has a crush on the qween of ducks but only dated her for 2 hours then got rejected with a paragraph that i really want to read but she says no 😭
Kaelon: yo giraffe whats popin

Giraffe:good also call me josh you frishen fig

Kaelon:meany weenie
by Timmy and friends April 11, 2020
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Alone in a dark house is a roblox game abouta detctive trying to figure out the death of the smith family but while at the house the son eric is being a bitch and hes also a black demon also also its a game that two people played till 4 am and then the next stopped playing the game
Jamaica: wanna play alone in a dark house

Kaelon:oh god no remember what happened last time

Jamaica: but arnt you dating eric and you haven't seen eric in a while

Kaelon:fine lets play
by Timmy and friends April 11, 2020
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