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Originating from Italy. A genuine Italian is not the same as an Italian-American, the latter of which is a product of a bastardisation and incredibly innacurate representation of Italian culture. Although whether straight Italian or Italian-American, most of them gesticulate with their hands a lot, even when on the phone. This might also be a false stereotype, though
Yeah, this is real "Italian" Pizza.
by TimFS December 28, 2004

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City in Eastern Europe situated in the middle of the Baltic States. The capital city is Riga. Its national language is Latvian. Latvia is famous for having the largest Russian population of all three Baltic states, its beautiful women, artist Mark Rothko and DJ Lethal (born Leor Dimant) of House Of Pain and Limp Bizkit fame.
"Latvia? Is that a country or something?"
by TimFS October 24, 2004

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