39 definition by Tikibarberfan

1. Someone physically unable to rap because they can't talk fast enough.
2. Someone that can only go to the NBA if they're 7 feet tall.
3. Someone that can only go to the NFL if they're a quarterback, kicker, or water boy.
4. Someone that has European ancestors.
5. Basically an Asian with a cock in front (cock-Asian).
Caucasian stories

1. "You should know I bleed blue, but I ain't a crip though, but I got a ganga... Darn I can't rap!"

2. Short white kid: When I grow up I wanna be an NBA player.
Teacher: Then I hope you grow three feet in high school.

3. Same kid: Ok, I guess I'll go to the NFL and be a wide receiver.
3. Same teacher: Sorry you can't do it.

4. White kid: My parents are from France.
White kid 2: My grandparents are from England
White kid 3: My grandparents are from Italy.
Black kid: ... Mine are from Kenya.

5. Kim Kardashian: I like black guys the most. Then Hispanics. Then white guys. Then Asians.
by Tikibarberfan February 02, 2010

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This little high pitched singer that thinks he's the shit cuz he knows Usher and Asher Roth.
The only reason Usher and Asher Roth hang out with Justin Bieber is because he lets them rape him in the ass.
by Tikibarberfan March 15, 2010

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How I say "fuck" on FaceBook so I don't get in trouble.
You killed my girlfriend, ground her into chili and then fed that chili to me?!!? Phuck you!
by Tikibarberfan February 01, 2010

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I don't care if she uses auto-tune, she's hot!
Every time Katy Perry kisses a girl, a puppy is born.
Whenever Katy Perry's in Vegas, I hope I wake up next to her.
Katy Perry's so hot she melts the Popsicle in my pants.
Whether your hand is hot or cold, it's always fun to jack off to Katy Perry!
by Tikibarberfan July 21, 2010

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