39 definition by Tikibarberfan

When a girl's sucking your dick and you pet her hair like you would pet a dog. Not to be confused with doggy style.
It's too bad that when that hooker does it dog style her bite is worse than her bark.
by Tikibarberfan July 29, 2010

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When you jack off to porn that involves, well, shit.
Ebby: 2 girls 1 cup always makes me crapsturbate.
Me: Well it always makes me throw up.
by Tikibarberfan July 11, 2010

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The people who had sex to make you
I think it's pretty hypocritical that my parents won't let me have sex, because they obviously have.
by Tikibarberfan September 30, 2010

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1. The opposite of godawful.

2. Me.
1. Boobs are godawesome!

2. No example necessary.
by Tikibarberfan July 20, 2010

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When you take a dump, and after you finish flushing and washing your hands, you realize you have to take another.
If you eat dinner, wait a few minutes, and eat dessert, you could have a daily double on your hands.
by Tikibarberfan August 11, 2010

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How Kanye West says exaggerating.
Jamaal: The day after I scored 80 points in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, I killed Hitler and discovered the cure for cancer.
Me: Wow, really?
Jamaal: Naw, I'm just frontin'.
Me: Stfu. Just because you're black and you say frontin', it doesn't mean your Kanye West.
by Tikibarberfan July 11, 2010

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When you only jack off to one race.
Kim Kardashian discrimibates to black guys.
by Tikibarberfan February 26, 2011

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