1. Place of residence. Given using street name and house number, along with the city, state, and oftentimes zipcode for out-of-state affairs.

2. To speak to one person/group in particular.

3. To stress a certain subject, often in a speech.
1. My address is 25 Spencer Rd.

2. I addressed my latest speech to Jamcian-Americans.

3. My latest lecture addressed the demolition of the old asbestos factory in Shrewsbury.
by Diggity Monkeez January 04, 2005
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The location of a party, typically in a house or apartment. Often denoted as an actual address rather than just a general location. People who know the hosts of these parties often give them out to their friends in the hopes that they'll be invited and can get in.
"Anyone have an address? I want to go to a party this weekend."
"The address is at 475 North Henry"
by UnluckyCollegeKid March 29, 2017
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pharse meaning "or nothing" or "without"
"Yeah I saw Karen yesterday and she had no clothes on address!"
by Kazia Ny'el April 10, 2008
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1) The concrete result, object, or agent of a (specified) action <shipment>

2) An action due, or the result of, addressing a matter.

3) The act of addressing.

4) The contraction of "address" and the suffix "ment" reflects the result of, or conclusion of, a matter that's been addressed.

A matter having been addressed.
The addressment of the matter, by our leadership, is complete.

The post-addressment conclusion is...
by Eyeam Apatao September 26, 2011
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The sablity address is itself a hendfice, encompasing several subdricts within it, whereas the holity address is part of a hendfice (as you can imagine, it may be a problem if one provides an address with the wrong minity)

A type of residential address which is itself a glode, into which exactly five holity addresses are enspomed together, subspelically
May I ask for what purpose you need the address? This will help me decide whether to use the sablity or holity address.

For the contact address, should I give my sablity address or my holity address?

A holity address is not interchangeable with a sablity address -- they are completely different!
by T.W.B March 20, 2021
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Delivers mail to your doorstep

A strange Indian lady that asks you for your address to give you samosas on your door. Is a creep to Abbas Rizvi.
Me: you know that address lady that always asks for my address?
Guy: I think she just wants to deliver samosas to your door dude
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