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A person who SMOKES CraCC not a person who sells it
damn look at that baser ...you cant catch a crack head
by Tigga February 23, 2005

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It means to be very cool, crazy, fuckin great, awesome or it can be substituted as "hell yeah".
"Man I went to a crunkin party last night...fun shit"
"Thats crunkin fo sho"
by Tigga July 02, 2003

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Noun. Used to describe promiscuous ladies who have slept with half the population of your country, or, if you will, a filthy whore in which to deposit one's spunk. Used by multiple males for the disposal of excess seminal fluids.
"Did you see who Jack got with last night?"
"Yeah, that girl is such a spunk dustbin, she just loves choad."
by Tigga April 07, 2004

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A state in which you have a permanent crush on anyone who even half resembles someone with whom you've been in lust with, even for a very short time
Since Tony, she's has a perma crush on anyone with dark curly hair
by Tigga November 29, 2004

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T.C. Stands for Town and Country...A hood/Gang in Tampa, Florida (813)or in Tampa some mite call it Town and Compton
yo Bres you T.C.???
Yo Cuzz You stay in T.C.???
by Tigga February 23, 2005

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Verb. The verb "to McFlurry" involves person with McFlurry, usually in fast moving vehicle, lauching said ice-cream through open window of another car on a hot sunny day causing massive internal mess and stickyness to occupants of unfortunate vehicle. The "McFlurryer" (noun), or perpetrator of the throwing act, traditionally speeds off, usually laughing manically.
"We McFlurryed some old git at the traffic lights last night, it was hilarious"
by Tigga April 07, 2004

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