70 definitions by Tiffany

Japanese term for stupid.
You so stupeh dude.
by tiffany July 19, 2003
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the womans dressing was crushe.
by tiffany February 20, 2005
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Means to steal money from your mother or father to pay back a friend for money you owe them. not really sure how this one started...when tiffany and paige are hyper...weird slangs are born
paige go rob the bob because you owe me 20 bucks
by Tiffany July 04, 2004
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a guy or girl with an over-sized penis that is odd shaped.
guy 1:hey dude that isnt right
girl1:what u dont like it?
guy 1:NO y would i like a girl with a penis especiallay with MAN -HAM
girl1:didnt i tell u i had a susprise in stored
by tiffany February 18, 2005
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beautiful, and fuckable at the same time.
You're beautifuk girl, holler at me
by Tiffany November 01, 2002
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Okay, hash brownies AREN'T Jamaican; weed ganjais. The hash brownie thing is probably American.
Hash brownies are not a Jamaican thing
by Tiffany September 10, 2004
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another form of i dunno
Tyler: Tiff...how do u get the computer to do this?
Tiff: I dinno...
by Tiffany February 15, 2004
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