Dr.Phil is a sexy 69 year old man, born on September 1, 1950. This year (2020) he is turning 70 year old. Which is extremely sad, but he will forever be 69 in our hearts. He has a nice, shiny bald head that I bet he moisturises everyday, explaining why it looks so damn good all the time, and a super sexy moustache. Anybody who doesn't worship this king is absolutely sick, and they will need to seek help immediately. I bet he smells really good, too.
Person 1: Is that Dr.Phil
Person 2: Of course it is, who else would it be?
Person 1: You have a point. I just want to caress his bald head so much
Person 2: So do I, imagine how soft it would be.

Person 1: It would be my dream. Have you seen him holding a knife?
Person 2: Yes, who do you think I am? The knife was so sharp and thick. It would make my dream come true if i could hold that very knife.
by daddyphilcult August 12, 2020
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Some Bald, hermaphrodite, thing that women fall for because of his "7step plan"
Dr.Phil Scares me...alot
by Eggy January 23, 2005
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A hypocritical moron with a hit show brought to by HARPO! THE MAKERS OF OPRAH! The show usually features Dr.Phil making someone cry, advertising for his latest weight loss book which he should consider reading and other things one step up from Jerry Springer but less funny.
Dr.Phil is a bald, creepy, douchebag. I vomited all over the couch after seeing a commercial for the show.
by KarateChop July 18, 2005
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A balding motherfucking that has more hair on his face and has nothing else to do in life but bring retarded people to his show to make them look even more retarded

1:Gives 0 fucks

2:Takes no L's

3:Has seen more high people than a fucking SnoopDog
4:Stutters more than a freaking Bill from IT movie

5:Makes retarded people famous that make more green than i do
Dr.Phil McGraw
by 0sgdjaj0sgdasjdg January 1, 2018
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Dr.Phil is our lord and saviour.We should all pray to him every night
I’m going to pray to Dr.Phil, I hope he answers
by Flex tape guy November 20, 2018
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A television psychiatrist who gained fame through Oprah Winfrey's talkshow. Beloved by many older women, his show is a mild version of rowdy day-time talk shows such as "Jerry Springer" and "Maury", although it advertises itself as a serious attempt at televising psychatric advice.
He is known for his southern accent and somewhat rude approach to offering advice, sometimes publicly belittling his guests for their inability to grasp his suggestions on self-help.
The majority of guests on the show are highly dysfunctional, and often mildly idiotic.
"When Dr.Phil is on, I'm usually elsewhere, doing something that doesn't involve rating-mongering talk shows."
by iforgotthewords November 16, 2006
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A day-time idiot brought to you by Harpo, Oprah spelled backwards! Dr. Phil, widely known for his southern speak, simple-minded advice, knack for making people cry, and bald head, can be viewed right before Oprah (The extremely famious blow hard whom gave birth to Dr. Phil's career) on NBC.
Dr.Phil's favorite hard-hitting question is "What part of you don't you understand?".
by Nimrod1 February 6, 2006
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