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Dr.Phil is a sexy 69 year old man, born on September 1, 1950. This year (2020) he is turning 70 year old. Which is extremely sad, but he will forever be 69 in our hearts. He has a nice, shiny bald head that I bet he moisturises everyday, explaining why it looks so damn good all the time, and a super sexy moustache. Anybody who doesn't worship this king is absolutely sick, and they will need to seek help immediately. I bet he smells really good, too.
Person 1: Is that Dr.Phil
Person 2: Of course it is, who else would it be?
Person 1: You have a point. I just want to caress his bald head so much
Person 2: So do I, imagine how soft it would be.

Person 1: It would be my dream. Have you seen him holding a knife?
Person 2: Yes, who do you think I am? The knife was so sharp and thick. It would make my dream come true if i could hold that very knife.
by daddyphilcult August 12, 2020
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lil mad is like big mad but the opposite, you mad but not mad to the extent of pullin somthin
"look im sorry i ate your food"
"is cool im just lil mad"
by lilbabiey November 30, 2018
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Jerry Springer with a PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper).
Dr Phil's "patients" are just a richer white trash than Springer's.
Keep out of this asshole! Who the fuck do you think you are? Dr fucking Phil?
by Mike Mc Donald December 29, 2004
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A guy with a doctorates with an ability to pull advice out of his ass
"Please buy my new book,' More Advice puled out of my ass'" -Dr Phil
by cyberfreakct38 January 30, 2009
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Fake bald phsycyatristwho got his start off the oprah show. He defends himself by making comments about other people's lives and in severe defense,
makes up weird phrases that no one can understand.
"I don't care how flat you make your pancakes, they got two sides!"
-Dr. Phil
by Danielle October 11, 2003
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verb meaning 'to over-analyse and come up with a stupid conclusion'
'We're going to go home, get some drinks, and Dr Phil Rosie's date with John'

'They broke up because he did a Dr Phil over what she'd been up to on Saturday night'
by Annamonkey May 08, 2006
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