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The moment on the event horizon of a Lazor at which critical energy mass has been reached, and makes the lazor no longer able to be swallowed. Thus, the lazor may no longer be turned into a royal rainbow, and the firin' of teh lazor is imminent. Occurs at the moment of the last syllable of the phrase "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR."
by TheMobiusMan August 27, 2009

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What you put on when it's time to get shit done.
When you've played around for a while (usually on a video game) and done well so far, but have decided to play to your max potential when things get rough. Commonly used by both Halo and CS fans.
Halo: Alright Shee fag, you've had your fun, it's time to put on the try hard pants. (gets in a hornet)

CS: Alright Awp Whore, you've had your kill streak, now it's time to put on the try hard pants. (whips out the Famas on burst)
by TheMobiusMan November 17, 2009

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The act of adding the words Cry or sis to anything relating to Crytek. Can be a suffix or a Prefix. Used on games as well as almost every mod from Crymod and InCrysis.
Ex list:
CRYsis, Far CRY, CRYtek, CRYmod, CRYstar GalactiCRY, WiiSIS (nun chuck mod for Crysis.), CRYUpdate.

Dude, what should we call this mod?

I dunno, just think of some word and slap a Cryfix on it.
by TheMobiusMan August 18, 2009

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What one does when they do the work of Jenova. A call of those who are Jenova's witnesses, or members of the Church of the One-Winged Angel of Latter Day Summons.
"We have done the work of Jenova, PRAISE HOJO!!!"
by TheMobiusMan September 26, 2009

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Fusion of the words Kuso (crap) and subarashii (fantastic) to create the Japanese word for Craptastic or Shittastic.
うわー、それは くそ晴らしい

Wow, that was Kusobarashii (Craptastic.)
by TheMobiusMan August 18, 2009

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1. Lit. Scarring of the retina due to scratching.

2. Urb. When something is so bright, it leaves an afterimage on your eyes for a long time.

3. Urb. When you see something so vile, so disgusting, so horrible, that the image burns into your retinas and can not be unseen.
1. Why are you going in for lasik surgery? Because I have retinal scarring.

2. Wow, your computer screen is so bright, the boot-up screen is scarred into my retinas.

3. I visited 4chan the other day and even though I stayed in the work safe section, there just seems to be no way to avoid the retinal scarring. You can't get /b/ out with eye bleach.
by TheMobiusMan August 18, 2009

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A descriptive term for when after everything is going absolutely excellent, everything that could possibly go wrong, does.
Act 1: Romeo and Juliet's Characters develop seperately...
Act 2: Romeo meets and professes his love to Juliet, they get married...
Act 3: They both die.

Act 3, everything goes to hell.

What's happening?

The aliens are invading, my toaster exploded, your sister's getting engaged and my insurance rate just went up!

Must be act 3.
by TheMobiusMan August 18, 2009

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