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From the anime Dragon Ball/Dragonball Z/Dragonball GT. Moving too fast to be seen. Usually to dodge an attack, sometimes to move into position to strike. Otherwise known as "high speed movement" this single word title is usually reserved only for when the speedy movement results in a false image of the user to be left behind as your eyes are tricked by the speed of the user! The image fading once the attack the user was dodging hits it. This name is now used for anytime a person moves at such high speed that they can't be seen. Mostly because of the need to use the term in tight situations such as mid fight and in video games!
Synonyms: High Speed Movement, Wild Sense,?
Antonyms: Teleporting, Instant Transmission, Multiform,
Hurry, he's beating you bad, use afterimage before you run out of HP!
by nnightcrawlerr March 03, 2015
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