A highly destructive force of nature that can only be harnessed by a select group of people known as 'Shoopers'. A particularly elite group of 'Shoopers' have banded together to make a group called the Council of Shoop.
"Imma firin' mah lazor BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
by Doombolt August 16, 2011
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I'm firing it.
"Ahma fahrin' mah lazor"
by Punainen July 18, 2009
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How Strong Bad spells "laser". Also, one of four band names suggested by Strong Bad, along with Bigg Nife, Taranchula, and Limozeen.
"Now I know you were expecting me to pick things like guitars and lazor guns... Aw man! Why didn't I pick guitars and lazor guns?"
by Tom January 1, 2004
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1.someone who will use you for what you have, only come around when he needs something. expect you to buy him dinners and take you to mcdonalds as a return favor.
2. cheep skate
for a better example look up "sheff"
by Grant Harris April 7, 2003
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do you guys know lily lazor??hahaha...he is the guitarist of the finnish band HIM!!
he is one of the best guitar players in my eyes!!
lily lazor is also known as daniel lioneye!!
keep on rockin´!
by akasha August 31, 2004
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Same as "word" really. In fact it was invented as an alternative when got bored with "word".
See that documentary about Tourettes last night?
Yeah. It was lazor.
by Moojhab October 9, 2006
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A lazor fired from one's ass
Person 1: I totaly ass lazored while craping last night.
Person 2: Did it hurt?
Person 1: No, it broke my toilet though.
by Bah!!!1!!! November 16, 2009
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