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A place where Aphrodite condemns the souls of people with dating double-standards.
Bob: "I can't believe Ashley (skinny, popular girl) put me in the Friend Zone! I was nice to her all this time, and she still says we're just 'friends!' But friendship is what a a romantic relationship is built on!"

Kaylee (overweight, average-looking girl): "Well Bob, you and me are friends too, and I'm single."

Bob: I... uh... erm..... but I don't wanna ruin our friendship Kaylee.
by TheLengendaryBlackBeastOfAaagh September 25, 2017

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1.) The father of rock-n-roll-styled drumming

2.) A human tempo machine

3.) The best drummer in Liverpool

3.) The lovably "sad" voice behind "Yellow Submarine," "With a Little Help from My Friends," and "Octopus's Garden"
4.) The reason "Hard Day's Night" exists, in any format

5.) A giant nose with a skinny, stoned Brit attached to it

7.) A precious cinnamon bun that must be protected at all costs

8.) The ONLY Mr. Conductor

9.) Savior of Pepperland, Defeater of the Blue Meanies, and magnet for "Unidentified Flying Cupcakes"

10.) The most popular Beatle in the U.S. at the height of the band's fame

11.) The guy who that one Animaniac's voice is a spoof of

12.) The Steve Buscemi of rock; in that, he has a reputation as "the funny lookin' loser," but the informed know he's a genius, and he has plenty of fangirls
This "Thomas the Tank Engine" crackfic must be read in Ringo Starr's voice.

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A Hollywood actor known for his talent at playing misfits and creeps, and for committing the unforgivable crime of having self esteem in Hollywood. His refusal to replace his distinctive face with plastic like most other actors his age has earned him much scorn from mainstream shows and reviewers who label him as "ugly." Funny enough, he and his wife Jo Andres (another "ugly" artist who has chosen to look human rather than stretch out her cheeks with plastic surgery) are among the few couples in Hollywood to have a long-lasting, healthy marriage.
"So let me get this straight. You want me to watch a movie from the '90s I've never heard of, staring Nicholas Cage with a fake Alabama accent?"

"It also has Steve Buscemi as a Hannibal knock-off, and he actually doesn't die."
"Well what are we waiting for? Roll film!"
by TheLengendaryBlackBeastOfAaagh August 30, 2017

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Any appearance that others can actually remember and pick out of a crowd. This is contrary to the social consensus that "beauty" means "looking exactly the same as every other Barbie and Ken in Holllywood."

Some causes of ugliness include:

* Refusing cosmetic surgery for various "imperfections"

* Having a medical condition or disability beyond one's control
* The natural process of aging
* Not bothering with extravagant make-up every day (if female)

* Being under six feet tall (if male)

* Having a job that affects the body (scars on a soldier, chipped un-painted finger nails on a woman who actually has to use her hands throughout the day, etc.)

* Having enough self esteem to look in the mirror and go "eh, good enough."
"Man, I have SUCH a crush on that actor, his eyes are so enchanting, and his teeth are just adorable. I was so sad when he wound up in the wood chipper at the end!"
"Eh, he's not my type. I'm more into the dark and foreboding weirdos, like Alan Rickman."

"Ugh, you two are so weird. I never saw the appeal of ugly guys."
"Well Amy, that's because you're boring."
by TheLengendaryBlackBeastOfAaagh August 30, 2017

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The most famous group of stoners who ever lived, and the one band that damn near everyone can agree is good to listen to.

The famous band featured everything from chaste love songs to bad drug trips, as well as:

* John Lennon as the Walrus

* George Harrison as the Tough-Guy-Turned-Wizard

* Paul McCartney as the Undead Cinnamon Roll

* Ringo Starr as the Unidentified Flying Cupcake

* And Sir Not Appearing in Anyone's Memories
"How the fuck did Thomas the Tank Engine get itself one of the fucking Beatles as a narrator?!"

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The rich person equivalent of socks with sandals.
"Lose the spats, you look like Scrooge McDuck."
by TheLengendaryBlackBeastOfAaagh September 25, 2018

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