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Pewdiepie is a Youtuber. He is the most subscribed individual Youtuber, and the 2nd most subscribed Youtuber overall, below T-Series.

His channel mainly focuses on gaming, but sometimes he uploads LWIAY (Last Week I Asked You) videos where he checks the stuff his fans sent him on r/pewdiepiesubmissions.
When I'm home, I'm not going to do my homework, but I'll watch PEWDIEPIE!
by The7Guy August 19, 2020
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Scratch is a coding website aimed for children 8 - 16 years old. It consists of drag and drop blocks that offer a lot of possibilities. The site is used to post games, animations, drawings, and more.
Person 2: new account who dis?
by The7Guy July 24, 2020
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When somebody goes off topic to advance selfishly, such as advertising.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear Martha got pregnant?
Person 2: Awh, that's great news, anyways have you heard of my brand of almond milk?
Person 1: sheesh what a shameless plug.
by The7Guy April 13, 2021
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asdfmovie (pronounced AS-DUF-movie) is a surreal comedy web series created by TomSka. In the series, many insane things happen.
Person 1: Hey dude! Have you seen the new asdfmovie?
Person 2: someone just exploded into a splotch of blood
by The7Guy July 22, 2020
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Chadwick Boseman was an American actor who was famous for portraying Jackie Robinson in 42, James Brown in Get on Up, Thurgood Marshall in Marshall, and Black Panther in the MCU.

On August 2020, Boseman passed from colon cancer.
Chadwick Boseman was a good man. Everyone will miss him.
by The7Guy August 29, 2020
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Adopt Me is an RPG game released on the game platform Roblox. It's objective is mainly on adopting babies and/or pets.

This game is by far the most popular Roblox game, with 1.6M peak concurrent players, and over 11.5B visits.
No matter where, the people in my Roblox group chat can't stop talking about their Adopt Me red pandas.
by The7Guy August 20, 2020
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The Aether Portal is a Minecraft mod that allows you to build a portal to a realm called Aether, similar to building a Nether portal.

Building it requires you to build a glowstone portal frame (like building a Nether portal) and splashing water inside the frame.

This portal is notorious for ruining our childhood dreams.
Dad: Are ya winning son?
Son, while sobbing: No dad, I tried to build an Aether Portal and it didn't wo-
Dad: Good grief, son! You need mods to build one!
by The7Guy September 09, 2020
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