A series of five simple but funny cartoon videos on YouTube by TomSka. Also written and voiced by TomSka and others, the first asdfmovie has 37+million views so far. These videos are known for their clever and random aproach to comedy, and each video is made up of several skits that last about 10 seconds. And while these videos are funny, they're also kind of old, and have lots of versions on YouTube, and it's mostly that kind of laugh-to-yourself comedy.

Also called ass-duff-moo-vee.
The real life version of asdfmovie sucks.
by dudeperson35 November 4, 2012
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A funny series of videos on YouTube made by TomSka

buy his it’s muffin time card game or get oof
Me: I just watched asdfmovie!

Friend: Yea it’s great!
by this does not help you bruh September 13, 2019
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asdfmovie (pronounced AS-DUF-movie) is a surreal comedy web series created by TomSka. In the series, many insane things happen.
Person 1: Hey dude! Have you seen the new asdfmovie?
Person 2: someone just exploded into a splotch of blood
by The7Guy July 23, 2020
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A good video series made by Tomska which CHARACTERS include:
Mine Turtle
I like trains guy
Dougal Flopguy (Do*the*flop*guy)
Hello I want to watch some ASDFMovies.
by Overloaded47 June 19, 2017
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A series of YouTube short films created by YouTuber TomSka (Real Name Thomas Ridgewell). The style of comedy is random, yet somehow makes sense. This led to many memes and well known characters like the Suicidal Muffin, The "I Like Trains" Kid and "Beep Beep I'm a Sheep".
"The AsdfMovie 13 will be coming out next year."
by SenorToastYT September 24, 2019
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Asdfmovie Ass Duff Movie Is Somthing That Goes 1-12 1-12 1-12 Ass Duff Movie Also Has Deleted Scenes With
All Of Those There Is No asdfmovie 12 Deleted Scenes
Well Asdfmovie Cannot Be Used In A sentence
by Asdfmovie November 3, 2020
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A funny web series created by TomSka that involves intentionally poorly drawn dudes doing logically hilarious things.
High five! (slaps hand) HUNDRED. Nooooooooooooooo! (excerpt from asdfmovie 13)
by dudeboi November 12, 2020
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