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The SECC is the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre located on what was the docks of the Clyde in Glasgow. Known informally locally as the 'Red Shed' when it first opened in 1985 because it's corrugated shell was predominantly red but has since been painted grey when the second phase 'Armadillo' building was added in 1997, so called because it is shaped like an armadillo and is finished with stainless steel. A third phase of the development is in construction at the time of writing (2007) and is expected to elevate this facility to world class status.
The Scottish Motor Show, Modern Homes Exhibition and many Concerts have all been held at the SECC
by The Scottish Contingent August 13, 2007
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To 'Go Yer Neck' is to trip up and fall arse over tit, common terminology in Scotland
The front stairs are so icy, watch you don't go yer neck!
by The Scottish Contingent November 08, 2006
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Something that is Boxed Off is something that has been taken care of and completed, a task that no-one has any need to worry about any longer.
I'll take that job and get it boxed off for ya!
by The Scottish Contingent March 20, 2007
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A Glasgow or Western Scottish term for a bloke or geezer, basically means ordinary person.
See thon gink ower there, he's brighter than he looks!
by The Scottish Contingent August 22, 2008
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A Girner is a scots word for someone who moans a lot and also screws their face up as well as moaning or instead of.
1.That old Girner is always moaning, he's doing my cranium!
by The Scottish Contingent August 20, 2013
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Made famous by the Channel 4 programme 'Grand Designs' in the UK by one of the owners of the houses being built, a Five Star Fur Lined Ocean Going Balls Up means that something has been a major catastrophe from start to finish, a complete and utter screw up. This is possibly just the perfect thing to say when something has gone just about as wrong as it can!
We made a five star fur lined ocean going balls up of that, didn't we!
by The Scottish Contingent September 21, 2007
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A sports coupe made between 1998 and 2002, came with a choice of either a 2.0 I4 engine or a 2.5 V6. 3-Door Hatchback body and was the second car to exibit the Ford 'New Edge' styling philosophy (the ford KA being the first!) Was built on the MK1 Mondeo floorpan with improvements that made it onto the MK2 (2000 on) Mondeo
Ford Cougar V6's sound MEAN!!
by The Scottish Contingent July 28, 2007
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