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Thought to be a hybrid between 'prat' and 'fanny', two quite inoffensive words which, when blended, create an equally inoffensive word.
Can be used to dilute harsher rude words.
Is often met with laughter.
by Schmark March 18, 2004
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A word used to describe an older drag queen who has so much fake tan on he looks like a peperami in a wig.
Keep that Pranny the fuck away from me.
by Tanios Corvid May 31, 2018
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In the porn industry, is an equivalent of a male "granny" : a male actor of ripe age performing sexual acts or intercourse, often with partners that are much younger.
The term comes from a combination of the "pa" part of "grandpa", and the word "granny", and can be a replacement term for "gramps".
by Coeus0080 May 01, 2010
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