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A nickname for the 1 Police Plaza, the central HQ for the NYPD.
Did another building blow up?

I don't think so. Why?

Heard on my police scanner that Central Pork cleared out in a hurry. Must be something big.
by The Observationist May 4, 2011
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Noun. Abbrev. EFS

Suffered mainly by parents of young children, this ailment is experienced by being continuously exposed to entertainment/educational media for young children.
A: Have you seen Sarah lately?

B: Yeah, what's wrong with her? She's singing all these cutesy songs and keeps calling everyone Grover.

A: Edutainment Fatigue Syndrome. Spending too much time watching Sesame Street.

B: Can she be cured?

A: Probably. Needs to see something rated higher than TV-Y7.
by The Observationist July 5, 2011
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(v.) The act of ruining a jock's chances with an attractive lady. Similar to a cock block, but perpotrated by a nerd/geek/social outcast.
A: Dude, that quarterback totally crashed and burned with that cheerleader.

B: Yeah, Derek from Trig jock blocked him. Hacked his Facebook account and posted that homeboy's 'chalmydia subsided'.

A: Epic win for Derek.
by The Observationist April 1, 2011
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A person of either gender who derives pleasure from outing the secrets/personal business of others for pleasure or personal gain. The information the individual leaks may or may not be true.
A: Somebody needs to tell that bitch to shut up.

B: Why?

A: Spouting out personal about her ex just for the hell of it. Bitch.

B: What a glory mole.
by The Observationist July 19, 2011
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1. Italian women (wives/girlfriends/sex buddies) that socialize together.

2. An organized crime cartel made of Italian women.

3. A woman whose queefs smell like Italian cuisine.
A: Look at all those nasty Italian broads.

B: Yeah. La Queefa Nostra over there.
by The Observationist January 29, 2011
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Noun. Abbrev. DRS

A speech pathology where the patient constantly spouts quotations from films/TV shows/songs because they are unable (normally due to nervousness or incompetency) to verbalize their own thoughts.
A: What is wrong with that guy? Every other sentence is from The Hangover.

B: He's got Dialogue Repetition Syndrome. He's too much of an idiot to say what he actually means.
by The Observationist July 19, 2011
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