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More commonly known as a relaxer, a perm is a series of chemicals that African-American girls use on their hair to make it look less curly, rough, and thick. As a result, their hair becomes darker, straighter, thinner, softer, longer and smoother.
I got a perm yesterday and I love my hair now.

Your hair looks really nice. Did you get a perm?
by The Hit September 07, 2009

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A common saying that is said between a male and a female that are both in a serious relationship together.
I love you...Please don't ever leave me.

I know it may seem a little too early to be saying this, but I want to say this now before it's too late. I love you.

We've only been dating for a couple of months, but girl I love you.

You make me happy. I love you.
by The Hit September 07, 2009

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A way cooler smiley face that uses brackets instead of parenthesis.
What's up?

Nothing much, you?

Oh, here just studying.

Cool. :]
by The Hit September 07, 2009

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Finger and massage your vagina and white sticky stuff will come out. You'll see. That's called cum.
Tiana was bored and feeling horny, but she was single and had nobody to call up for a sex date. So she lifted up her skirt and began fingering herself, massing her vagina and moaning. ooh, it felt good...but suddenly white, sticky stuff came out of her pussy. She lifted up her hand, and looked down at it. Looks tasty...so she put it her mouth and swallowed, only to choke and throw it up. "Oh, I'm never gonna taste my own cum again...must of been those burritos.."
by The Hit September 08, 2009

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Someone who has two faces or parts to their personality. Like they'll be all nice to you one second and when you're gone start talking about you behind your back.
Mary: Oh my gosh! Hey Laura!
Laura: Heyy!
Mary: You look so cute today!
Laura: Thx. :)
Mary: Well see you later hun!
Laura: Bye Mary!

*once Laura is gone*

Mary: Ugh, I'm tired of that two-faced bitch.
Stephanie: I know right?
by The Hit September 08, 2009

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A best friend is a true friend, a good friend, an amazing friend. Somebody that should always be there for you and that you should go to for advice. Somebody that tells you that you look like a hot mess honestly rather than lie to your face and say you look pretty. Someone that tells you all their secrets cuz they trust you not to go behind their back and tell the whole school their secret like a huge bitch. I'm Hannah Montana! Sshh..don't tell anyone. :)
My best friend Annie is fucking awesome!

My best friend Sally helped me out with some real serious shit last year.
by The Hit September 07, 2009

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