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A combination of ultra-instinct and insult, much like Ultra instinct allows a seemingly clairvoyant intuition to move any part of the body to properly counter and attack an opponent and interact with the environment without thought, Ultra-instult allows one to say anything without investigation of issue at hand and without malice as well as with the right timing and right focus of topic in order to shut down an argument or flat-out insult somebody to the point that verbal exchange will cease before it can begin and force a people to look at themselves and reevaluate who they are in order to change for the better.

It can also be used when engaging in a debate in order to automatically win without engaging in any long and drawn-out points, explanations, validations, and will immediately disable any personal agenda in order to prevent bias in arguments.
Veggie: I'll show that Goku! He thinks he can outshine me at the gym! This guy just joined yesterday and everyone is already on his dick! I'm gonna tell that asshole off! Hey, you!

Goku: Oh, hey! What's up, buddy?! Oh! Wow! That is so cool! I love your shirt! It's bright orange! Just like how I like it! It really shows off your rippling pecs, too! You gotta give me tips!

Veggie: Well...thanks. I guess. But I'm here to...

Goku: Hold on a sec! I need to squat this! Man, 1000 lbs. is great but I need to max higher than that. Maybe, you can help me reach my next PR. You look like you might have tips. I'm sure you got killer legs hiding underneath like that killer chest. Oh! Sorry, dude! That was rude. What did you want to talk about?

Veggie: Oh. Uh. You dropped your keys.

Goku: Oh, man! Thanks, buddy! You're so kind!

Veggie: Yeah. I'm gonna...go workout over there now.

Goku: Hope to see you soon! Everyone, that guy is a class act all the way! I respect him!

Olaf: Why did Veggie shut down like that? He looked like he was gonna go on a warpath to him.

Sven: Because Veggie always skips leg day. That's why he always wears pants. Goku struck a nerve. Also, Goku, simultaneously and unintentionally, poured on Veggie's guilt by killing him with kindness while he was weakened by and preoccupied with his leg day insecurity. It was the perfect combination and Goku is oblivious to the fact that he, easily, quelled Veggie's raging spirit. He must have used ultra-instult.
by The Anticlown February 06, 2018
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